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Congratulations on taking the first step towards exploring and owning your own business. James‘ Home Services has, for the past 23 years, helped people from all walks of life own their own business and, as a result, build a great lifestyle for both themselves and their families. With A James’ Home Services Franchise, you’re in business for yourself and not by yourself. You will enjoy the professional support of fully developed systems, training, ongoing coaching, networking and brand marketing through the James’ Home Services Franchisee support system. When you buy a James’ Home Services Franchise, you receive an exclusive territory so you can worry less about competition and more about creating a business you and your family can be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I work with my spouse/partner?

Yes. Some of the most successful business operators have been husband and wife teams. You can also work with friends and even employ older children or other relatives if you choose.

Can we invest in a second franchise?

Yes. Once you’ve proven that you can manage your business successfully, you have the option of buying another franchise.

Does the franchise give me exclusivity over my own territory?

Yes. You will be the only James’ Home Services cleaning franchise in your territory.

Do I get help with the book work?

Yes. We understand that managing accounts and paperwork can be very daunting for new business owners. Our extensive training covers everything you need to know, including how to manage GST and how to create and manage budgets. You’ll be trained initially by your business coach followed by any additional support as and when it is required.

Do I have to do ALL the services?

No. James’ Home Services offers various franchise opportunities including lawn and garden care, car detailing and of course house cleaning. We’ll help you decide which type of franchise best suits you. We’ll then train you to be totally proficient in your chosen service area. You’ll be faster, better and busier by focusing on the franchise service that suits you.

How does James support its franchisees?

We provide extensive ongoing training and support including:

      • Your own Business/Personal Coach
      • Monthly Meetings with other Franchisees
      • Training Sessions/Guest Speakers
      • Annual General Meeting/Awards Night

How much can I earn?

Franchisees can earn a very good income each week by following the James’ Home Services system.  This can vary from state to state and depends on the hard work you are willing to put in.

Is James’ Home Services a national company, and how long has it been in operation?

Yes, we have franchisees all over Australia and our company has been in operation since 1993.